Gluten Free Wheat?

A friend sent this my way today:

WSU Receives Grant to Develop Gluten Free Wheat

The United States’ National Institute of Health (NIH) has awarded Washington State University (WSU) a four-year $837,000 grant to develop novel wheat varieties that are free of gluten proteins. Gluten triggers inappropriate immune system responses in people affected with Celiac Disease. This genetic disease can create symptoms that range from diarrhea and cramps to nutrient malabsorption and malnutrition. One in every 100 or 200 Americans or 4 percent of Europeans are estimated to suffer from gluten intolerance. The only effective treatment is a lifelong gluten-free diet. Adherence to such diet is difficult, since gluten is also being used as a filler and binder in many non-food items such as medicines, vitamins and paper adhesives.

Scientists from WSU have previously discovered a lysine-rich barley mutant that lacks gliadin, the gluten component that triggers the disease. They hope to identify the mutation and use this to make gluten-free wheat varieties that are also rich in the essential amino acid lysine. WSU has partnered with Arcadia Biosciences, a Seattle-based biotech company, for the task.

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Epicurious and Gluten Free

Look what popped into my email box this afternoon.  Online articles about eating gluten free and some recipes to boot. I have been a subscriber to both Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines for many years and it is nice to see them add some recipes.  Plus they changed their search engine recently so that you can search for gluten free recipes.  Thank you Epicurious!

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People, it is cold here! I just looked at the weather to see what is coming as it is super windy out, but sunny! We haven’t seen the sun in at least a week, so nice to have our friend back.

It is -1 F outside. With the wind chill it is -23 F. It is not like I live on a prairie. For mid Michigan, this is cold. Of course we are out of firewood too, so no cosy fire today. We do have gas heat, no worries. This is a more normal temp for Northern MI where I am from. At least we have plenty of snow to go with it. I opened the back door and snapped a photo of the garden area so you can see what it is like, for those of you in nice moderate (read Southern or West Coast) climates.

The garden at -1 F

Just the same….I PLAN ON GRILLING MY WILD BOAR BURGERS!!!! I will not be defeated by a wind chill that could instantly freeze something, I don’t know what, but something. Ha, and I was thinking we should go build a snow person earlier. I think I will skip that. If I hadn’t planned on wild boar burgers (not often one can plan on those to be sure) then it would definitely be a chicken stew day or soup or something liquidy and hot.

I will be attempting the 2 mile drive to the grocery store to grab my supplies for the week. I can finally wear my thickest, warmest wool sweater. The one I reserve for tailgating on those cold November football days (we are all Michigan State University fans in this town!) – the JCREW roll up sweater. Come on, you know you have one from your college days somewhere in the closet!

We had a nice warm Southern Indian Crab Curry based on a recipe from Jamie Oliver for lunch/breakfast/brunch. Three things I was amazed at. 1. My boyfriend cooked an Indian curry (he is always telling me we need a break from curry). 2. He used fresh cilantro (although he didn’t use it for the garnish as I did, but he did chop me some for mine!). 3. He asked me to buy crab for the curry, stating as long as he doesn’t have to take it out of the shell, he likes crab. I think I am wearing off on him.

The curry was great, light and tasty. I really recommend that you run out and check this book out of your local library “Cook with Jamie”.

Now, to go put my sweater on and brave the wind and snow…. soon it will look like this:


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