Menu Swap for the St Patty’s Day week : special ingredient coconut; Cocktail of the week: Hard Cider

St Patty's Day prep, Irish coffee and bling

Finally, it is the day I wait for all year long: St Patty’s Day. You might think that I gave up partying hard for this day in my twenties (like most) or in my thirties (like the rest) but no! I still plan to do a pub crawl today (albeit with only two pubs) and wear green and loudly shout Irishisms that I can’t spell.

You see, I am a red head. This is a holy day for red heads, esp ones of Irish descent like me (Scottish and German too). This is the day I get to wear my favorite color: green. 80% of my wardrobe is green, so it really isn’t a hard to find something to wear.

What to cook? I alternate between Irish boiled dinner (which sounds so boring) and Irish stew with Lamb every other year now. We started the week off with fish and chips to get that out of my system.

What to drink? Whiskey and Cider of course since there is no gf Guinness and I prefer many other delish stouts to Guinness anyway, even if I can’t drink them. So I have chosen for the pub crawl locations that have cider on tap and whiskey on hand and music to jig to.

Can you tell I am excited?

Here’s this week’s adventure:

Saturday: Southwest Santa Fe: Carne Adovada (pork in red chile sauce) and pinto beans with guac and chips.

Sunday: Irish Coast: Fish and chips

Monday: Irish boiled dinner (although I never once saw corned beef when I was in Ireland) Corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. The pressure cooker is already going and then this will go into the crockpot with the rest of the deliciousness to be ready by the time I am pub crawled out.

Tuesday: Asian Pacific: Grilled Salmon and broccoli rabe with garlic ginger. Salmon will likely have an asian flare to it – chile, garlic, tamari with a lemon grass coconut milk sauce or coconut rice to serve with it, or both.

Wednesday: Tex Mex: Pork enchiladas (casserole style with cheese and onions, lots of onions) with cucumber lime salad and Mexican rice and a pina colada with Mt Gay rum (my fav).

Thursday: Thai :Lard Nah with swiss chard and tofu on wide rice noodles. I will have to post this recipe as it is addicting (if you can eat soy).

Friday: German tour of the Rhine : Jagerschnitzel with Riesling mushroom sauce, spaetzle and rot kohl (or some sort of cabbage side) with a dry Riesling

Warning: Any one of these nights might get subbed out for takeout Gluten free Pizza from Mancino’s down the road (yes, finally, but it is 20 min away. They have a GF crust and a spelt crust!). Twenty minutes never seemed so close!

Erin go braugh!

i’m out and doing a jig, a celtic one……

after pub crawling....

New Year’s Eve party is ready

We are well stocked:

Once again we are hosting a New Year’s eve party. This was only decided on Thursday night last week after my sweetie mixed me a nice strong cosmo something or other. Once the email goes out to the gang, it is too late to retract it! We had to break out the mobile bar on wheels (in the foreground) to make sure we had enough space.

On the cocktail list: Gigi’s, Amaretto Kisses, Basil lemon gimlets, Grapefruit rosemary splashes and pomegranate fizzers.

On the menu: One of my new fav Thai dishes Pork, Potato and Oyster sauce (look hard and you will find MamaSita’s which is GF) cooked with more kaffir lime leaves than I can count as well as onion, garlic, chile, and the extra tang – tamarind paste. I also made some feta zhatar dip (feta, chopped tomatoes, sliced green onions, zhatar or zatar spice and plenty of olive oil and tortilla chips in lieu of toasted pita. This dish is always, always a winner and so easy to put together. I threw together a platter of greek and french olives and pickled things and a platter of delish goat, sheep and cow cheeses with some sliced hot soppressata and chorizo in the center for the carnivores. I made some GF grownup rice crispy treats with lots of instant expresso and grated orange peel. Then I let it cool in the oven. Then I forgot about it and turned the oven on 425F to preheat for dinner. They are now very crispy treats. Someone else is bringing SW style baked potatoes (GF)  and a hot cheesy spinach artichoke dip (also GF, they are now well trained friends, thankfully!).

I already have a little brunch casserole with dill, homemade pork sausage, green onions, milk, eggs and cheese in the fridge ready to go for the hangover cure tomorrow – as well as the mixings for Bloody Mary’s, or mimosas. I freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange and lemon juices with my new (thanks mom!) Kitchenaid juicer attachment. The basil sugar water and the rosemary sugar water are made and chilling.

A fire is roaring in the wood stove. Candles are lit. ITunes party play list is ready and waiting….  All that is left to do is think about some New Year Resolutions!

So, let the new year begin with all our friends!
i’m out