Menu of the week November 9th: Pomegranate!

It seems lately that all I do is post my menu every week.  I do have about 15 posts waiting, some since March – how pathetic!  The problem is, I go online and get distracted by bleading blogs, or twitter or facebook.  Before I started posting my menu, I used to post once or twice a week and post more recipes.  I need to get back there.  I need a new camera too, but we will take one step at a time.

Today we were supposed to be up in Leelanau butchering and packaging our piggies Speck and Parma, however, it has been to warm and our butcher was still busy making honey.  Ok, the bees make the honey, but he puts it in nice bottles and markets it.  Since it was moved to next weekend, we had no plans for the day and actually relaxed, did no chores, played with the kittens (and the kitties) and got caught up on many of our DVR’d cooking shows.  This week’s menu is inspired by what’s in the freezer (need to make space for lots of pork) and by American’s Test Kitchen, Tyler’s Ultimate, and Barefoot Contessa.

This week’s menu is hosted by Cheryl of Gluten Free Goodness and the ingredient is pomegranate.  I have pomegranate juice in the freezer, so I will whip that out to make some Pomegranate Cosmos on Tuesday.  I need to clean the freezer out anyway.  Fresh pomegranates were on sale yesterday and I walked right by – silly me.  Please check out all the other great recipes using pomegranate on the menu swap.

Saturday:  Homemade pork tamales with red chile sauce – from the freezer stock.

Sunday:  Chicken cordon bleu with chives, gruyere and prosciutto topped with a roasted chicken jus; braised brussel sprouts with fingerling potatoes (from our garden) bacon and red onion.  My brussel sprout plants didn’t produce this year.  Each sprout is as big as this o.  So I bought some.

Monday: Flank steak with Penzey’s Northwoods fire spice and twice baked stuffed potatoes with Boursin cheese.

Tuesday: Grilled salmon with Tacoma sauce (remind me to post this sauce) and fennel slaw.  Company in town (yippee!), so we may totally do something else.  Either pescatarian or vegetarian if we switch as she is both.  Also, it is Veterans/Armstice Day and I have it off – one thing to thank Unions for.  The real thanks of course goes to all our Veterans out there – thank you for all you have done for us!

Wednesday : Pork Stroganoff with dill on noodles, side TBD, but something with pomegranate – perhaps a salad.

Thursday:  Baked potatoes topped with a white cheddar sauce, broccoli and bacon, and tossed salad

Friday:  On the road to Leelanau for the weekend.

i’m out

Cocktail of the week: Peach Margaritas!

What do you do when you have a full bottle of tequila, you have given up corn syrup (as much as possible) so you don’t want to use limeade and someone graciously has dropped a bunch of super ripe fresh peaches?

peach margarita

Make peach margaritas of course!  The perfect Labor Day Weekend bevy, that is, if peaches are in season around your neck of the woods.

peach margarita

Take a blender, add about 1 cup of tequila, a glug of Cointreau (1/4 cup) or any orange liqueur, a long dash or two of lime juice, a slurp of simple syrup, 1.5 to 2 trays of ice cubes and about 3 small, peeled, slightly chopped peaches – more or less. I didn’t measure anything except the tequila. Blend away and pour into your glass and try not to swig it. Refreshing, peachy, cold, sweet and tangy!

peach margarita

What do you know, it is cocktail hour again! Happy Labor Day weekend!

i’m out

Menu Plan of the Week April 7th: Asparagus!

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Asparagus

asparagus for risotto

For some reason, this week, my creativity in the kitchen is struggling. Perhaps it is the lack of inspiration of Bon Appetit this month (that mag is going down hill fast) or the lack of watching cooking shows, or perhaps it is that the weather has finally changed and it is sunny and 60 F out, although it is still cool in the evening. This is not normal weather for the first week of April, but it sure is nice. I have been a grilling fiend already.

I have a couple of recipes I want to get in before it gets too warm to justify eating them and that time is coming soon, so this will be the week. Once the farmer’s market is going , then I can do a more seasonal spring menu. Garden produce is still a long way off. We still have some piles of snow lying around right now even if the tulips are attempting to poke their heads out.

Saturday: Indonesian grill out

Pork loin basted in coconut water/milk with lemon grass, grilled on charcoal and snow peas sautee with Indonesian curried rice. Appetizer: lime leaf shrimp satays from Simply Ming with ginger added and fresh coconut used. They were great. I didn’t have wooden skewers so I just rolled them into oblong logs and dropped them in.

Sunday: Fusion picnic

Jerk chicken on the charcoal and potato salad in a French vinaigrette style dressing and broccoli. Oh and a mango margarita.

Monday: Greek comfort food

Moussaka with eggplant and grass fed beef and a Greek style salad with feta

Tuesday: Asian love of the Thai persuasion

A yet unknown dish involving tofu, napa cabbage and plenty of cilantro, ginger and garlic. Throw your ideas this way.

Wednesday: Modern English/American

Grass Fed roast beef with a garlic horseradish crust. We have some big hunks of beef in the freezer and I need to tackle my fear of roast beast. Prime rib on the other hand, I have no fear of. Roasted asparagus and I would guess some red wine to go along with it all. Perhaps a Yorkshire pudding to match the gravy that must occur with the roasting. It looks like Yorkshire pudding is just a giant gougeres with no cheese.

Thursday: Headed to Sault Saint Marie for overnight work. My Sweetie will grill brats and eat a romaine lettuce salad most likely. Or leftover roast beast.

Friday: Quebec

Poutine (crinkle cut fries and gravy (I might try the nutrient yeast gravy) with cheese), a big green salad and maybe some grilled asparagus.

What’s cooking in your kitchen?

i’m out

Menu of the week March 10th and Cocktail of the week: grapefruit drops

meyer lemon blooms from my house tree

The pic above is of my meyer lemon blooms on my new “prepare for global warming” lemon tree (Remember, I live in MI, not in CA or FL where this might be common).

I truly have good intentions of posting all about my great trip. I returned to work chaos and it has only gotten worse, it even keeps me up at night. On the bright side, it will be over eventually and I have all of your wonderful blogs and bloganionship (companionship for bloggers) to keep me moving. Thanks for being my food support group.

I am not sure why I had such a tough time coming up with a menu for this week. I think it might have to do with the fact that I ate 95% seafood/shellfish last week and really want to recreate all those dishes and my darling BF really doesn’t care for shellfish (read hates except for crab cakes). So, I keep turning my mind off and on. We went grocery shopping the day after our return and loaded up on greens of all sorts. Swiss chard, broccoli rabe, broccoli, savoy cabbage, arugula, leeks and fennel. The only thing better than feeling good about a fridge full of greens would be to feel great about a fridge full of our home grown greens. Soon! We ordered a tremendous amount of seeds to start indoors and they will be here soon!

Even though it is Monday, I did start this menu on Saturday and just haven’t had time to post it (how is that possible over a weekend?).

Saturday: Comfort food in a bowl

Grass fed beef stew with thyme and braised savoy cabbage. I had never slow braised my cabbage in the oven before, but it was a winner. I ate almost 1/2 a head by myself that eve – luckily it was a small cabbage.


Lunch: Pacific NW fusion

Spicy Mergetz lamb sausages grilled and shrimp risotto (tip: use leftover risotto to make risotto balls and stuff them with a piece of mozzerella, dip them in egg wash, dip them in bread crumbs and fry when you are feeling decadent – see pics of mine (just the balls) on San Pellegrino’s site here and click on Italian Risotto)


Hot and sour soup with asian pork meatballs and rice noodles and homemade spelt (yes, I know it has gluten for those of you new to my post) potstickers

Monday: Italian eaze

Broccoli gratin with a roasted garlic, dijon mornay sauce (kicked up leftover roasted garlic white sauce from pizza night last Friday) and chicken piccata with pancetta (Italian eaze because I just put this dish together so fast, under 30 min and it is in the oven…which is good for me)

Tuesday: Mediterranean breeze

Grilled marinated swordfish with a fresh fennel slaw, GF pesto pasta and broccoli rabe

Wednesday: Pork, the other white meat

Some of our pig share pork chops on the grill (rub yet to be decided) and asparagus risotto (yes, I am on a risotto kick, sorry) and arugula salad

Thursday: on the road for an evening meeting

Friday: Weekend getaway up North with friends at a cottage on a lake in the snow.

And now for the cocktail, the moment you have all been waiting for: My dad and stepmom stopped by on their way back from their Farmer’s Market vacation in Florida (they sold dried cherries from MI at the market there) and brought me about 20 pounds of grapefruit, red navel and normal navel oranges. And, something else extremely cool: A meyer lemon tree and a key lime tree. There was one lemon on the tree already and it is in tonight’s piccata. So the theme this week will be grapefruit. I hope to candy some of the peel and then use it as a garnish for a grapefruit and vodka, we will see. First we have to eat dinner and then go buy cat food.

i’m out