Menu of the week: Nuts and St Patrick’s Day!

This week we get to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, St Patrick’s Day.  I do have Irish roots and that combined with red hair makes it one of my favorite days of the year. Plus, it’s a good excuse to drink whiskey and drink hard cider with friends, be rowdy and chant Irish slogans all day in Gaelic.  I take the day off every year and will do so again this year.

St Patty's Day prep, Irish coffee and bling

The ingredient this week is nuts and our lovely host is Sea at Book of Yum who always has some tasty eats cooking.  Make sure you visit her blog to get the scoop on all the nutty menus around this week.

Sunday: The ultimate Mac and Cheese!  I found my recipe that I thought was long gone and I couldn’t remember how to recreate it as I had only made it once.  Where was it?  In my pile of recipes to blog.  Irony.  It is based on Martha Stewart’s Mac and cheese with my adjustments of course.  I will post this one.

Monday:  Pizza, when I start to crave tomato, then I start to crave pizza toppings shortly after that, so it’s time for some pizza. Using the Chebe pizza crust this go around to try it again.

Tuesday:  Happy St Patrick’s Day!  I will leave the house for the bar hopping bus crawl with a crock of Irish Stew with lamb to come home to.  Using the last of the lamb in the freezer.  Lots of leeks, carrots and potatoes.

Wednesday  Jap Chae Korean Glass Noodles ala Jaden at Steamy Kitchen and kalbi, slow braised beef short ribs.  We must have some rice and kim chi of course too.

Thursday: On the road for work, traveling with some Indian spiced cashews that I found in Chicago at the market.

Friday:  Black vinegar ribs with some of the pork ribs from our freezer, rice and maybe a green bean stir fry to go with it.

i’m out

Menu Swap for the St Patty’s Day week : special ingredient coconut; Cocktail of the week: Hard Cider

St Patty's Day prep, Irish coffee and bling

Finally, it is the day I wait for all year long: St Patty’s Day. You might think that I gave up partying hard for this day in my twenties (like most) or in my thirties (like the rest) but no! I still plan to do a pub crawl today (albeit with only two pubs) and wear green and loudly shout Irishisms that I can’t spell.

You see, I am a red head. This is a holy day for red heads, esp ones of Irish descent like me (Scottish and German too). This is the day I get to wear my favorite color: green. 80% of my wardrobe is green, so it really isn’t a hard to find something to wear.

What to cook? I alternate between Irish boiled dinner (which sounds so boring) and Irish stew with Lamb every other year now. We started the week off with fish and chips to get that out of my system.

What to drink? Whiskey and Cider of course since there is no gf Guinness and I prefer many other delish stouts to Guinness anyway, even if I can’t drink them. So I have chosen for the pub crawl locations that have cider on tap and whiskey on hand and music to jig to.

Can you tell I am excited?

Here’s this week’s adventure:

Saturday: Southwest Santa Fe: Carne Adovada (pork in red chile sauce) and pinto beans with guac and chips.

Sunday: Irish Coast: Fish and chips

Monday: Irish boiled dinner (although I never once saw corned beef when I was in Ireland) Corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. The pressure cooker is already going and then this will go into the crockpot with the rest of the deliciousness to be ready by the time I am pub crawled out.

Tuesday: Asian Pacific: Grilled Salmon and broccoli rabe with garlic ginger. Salmon will likely have an asian flare to it – chile, garlic, tamari with a lemon grass coconut milk sauce or coconut rice to serve with it, or both.

Wednesday: Tex Mex: Pork enchiladas (casserole style with cheese and onions, lots of onions) with cucumber lime salad and Mexican rice and a pina colada with Mt Gay rum (my fav).

Thursday: Thai :Lard Nah with swiss chard and tofu on wide rice noodles. I will have to post this recipe as it is addicting (if you can eat soy).

Friday: German tour of the Rhine : Jagerschnitzel with Riesling mushroom sauce, spaetzle and rot kohl (or some sort of cabbage side) with a dry Riesling

Warning: Any one of these nights might get subbed out for takeout Gluten free Pizza from Mancino’s down the road (yes, finally, but it is 20 min away. They have a GF crust and a spelt crust!). Twenty minutes never seemed so close!

Erin go braugh!

i’m out and doing a jig, a celtic one……

after pub crawling....

Menu of the week; Cocktail of the Week: Ginger lemon fizz Feb 18th

I figured out my menu plan before knowing the “secret ingredient” butternut squash, so I will see if I can fit it in somewhere, perhaps some butternut squash curry soup for lunch on a day when I am working out of the house this week. This week’s menu is hosted by Gluten Free Sox! Check out the new look of her blog today!

Cocktail of the week: Ginger lemon fizz

I made a simple syrup with loads of fresh ginger and lemon grass in it, add to some vodka, ice, lots of lemon juice, lemon wedge and top with soda water – refreshing and easy.

Sunday: Traditional with a flare

Roasted 1/2 chicken with lemon and herbs with roasted new potatoes (still from the farm) and roasted asparagus served with an herby yogurt. ( I thawed the last of our free range chicken and cut it in half, half for the roasted chix and the other half was poached for Tues and then once the meat was cooked, I threw the bones back in for the stock)


Lunch: Day off and Butternut squash curry soup (ha ha I had a can of butternut squash in the cupboard for a squash emergency)

Dinner: Italian momma’s house (Well, if my momma were Italian, I am sure she would have cooked this for me…)

Spinach and Ricotta stuffed Cannelloni (I hope, we will see if my pasta works out) in a bolognese sauce with fresh mozzarella – fun with the pasta machine on the day off!

Tuesday: Comfort food

Chicken pot pie and green salad – Thanks to Carrie for this idea! It’s finally time to try the croissant recipe for my crust!

Wednesday: Neuvo Mexican

Grilled Salmon in a roasted serrano pepper tequila cream sauce with Mexican style rice

Thursday: Irish rainy days

Leek and cheese soup with crusty wheat free bread for dipping

Friday: Indian

Lamb curry – that is unless we have too many leftovers in which case I will skip this as we are leaving for vacation for the next ten days in the morning! I am making an effort to cook with less leftovers and that takes some training on my part.


Seattle and Portland bound!