Appetizer of the week (a forgotten post from summer): Pan fried oysters with corn tomato salsa and horseradish cream sauce

Oysters, such an odd thing.  People either love them or hate them.  Converts from hate to love can happen with a crossover recipe like this one.  Who doesn’t like something crispy, juicy, spicy and creamy?  Pan fried oysters with a horseradish cream sauce and corn tomato salsa fits the bill.

cornmeal crusted oysters on a bed of grilled corn tomato salsa with a dollup of horseradish cream sauce

My recipe is mostly based on this one from Emeril.  Except that I didn’t look at his recipe (may have helped) and I didn’t measure anything.  Every once in a while in a nearby store, fresh oysters appear. I am hoping they appear again soon!  It is much more fun to share these than eat them alone, so make sure you have an oyster lover in the house near by.

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Non menu of the week: Raspberries just the same

I guess there is not much reason to post a menu this week as we just returned (Monday eve) from a long 4th of July weekend in NW MI.  We decided we needed something with some flavor, a bit of spice, and are making Jamie Oliver’s South Indian Crab curry.  As for the rest of the week, well, unfortunately, I have meetings Tues, Wed and Thurs evening and of course the days are full too (meaning no prep time)!

Just the same, go check out Gluten Free Goodness who is hosting this week’s menu and see what she and everyone else is cooking!  If I come up with a menu for Friday, I will add it to this post.

Would that I had just once thought about menu planning on our 3.5 hour trip home today.  Then I might have crock pot something for the one night I return home by 8.  At least there is Friday and we still have our friend’s smoker, so I just might have to smoke those ribs from our pig Pancetta.  We did visit our new pigs Speck and Parma just yesterday and they are growing nicely.  We brought them some overwintered apples from the cellar that needed to be eaten.  They loved them and the attention.  Pics coming soon!  Our pigs free range fencing is in the middle of a U-pick raspberry field.  So, I walked by lots of little greenish white unripe raspberries.  Hopefully people will wander over and hand feed our piggies some raspberries when the season is right.

July 08 food and garden 179

We also visited my brother’s organic free range chickens, ducks and turkeys.  Pheasants on the way.  We hope to put about 20 chickens away for the winter months.  We got to help schlep haying equipment around.  I almost got to drive the tractor the 5 miles to the hay field, until I reminded my dad that I hadn’t driven one in 20 years.  We were then downgraded to the pickup and haywagon.  I parked next to a wild asparagus stalk, which we fed to Speck and Parma.

July 08 food and garden 114

Alright, the crab curry is ready and you have heard enough of the tales of Speck and Parma for now.  Stay tuned for more tales of the North (polka, parades and strawberries on the farm), and maybe a anti pasta pasta salad recipe!

July 08 food and garden 187

Update:  Wednesday’s and Thursday’s evening meetings were rescheduled, so here is what we ate/are eating:

Wednesday:  Tex Mex

Unstuffed poblano peppers with grass fed ground beef and cheese

Thursday:  Pork contest

I was at an organic apple farm where they let baby pigs run through the orchard for pest management.  The pigs are Berkshires and our pig is half Berkshire half Yorkshire, so we are grilling some of both to compare.  Also on the menu, baby new potatoes sauteed in butter with garlic scapes and parsley, grilled asparagus and a fabulous appetizer: cornmeal pan fried oysters with corn tomato salsa and horseradish cream sauce.  It is loosely based on this recipe.

Friday:  Indian

I found fresh fenugreek/methi at the Asian store, so something with that, probably methi potatoes and pakora and  tikka chicken on the grill.  Need to use the purple cabbage too…..

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Menu of the week Feb 10th and Valentine’s Day

This week’s menu swap is being hosted by Ginger Lemon Girl and the theme is chocolate! Since it is Valentine’s Day this week, I thought I would send you all some flowers and remind you that spring is on the way:

catulpa pollenation

If you look closely, you will see a honey bee flying in to the nectar reward!

Saturday: My sweetie did the shopping!

I always love it when my boyfriend runs to the butcher or some specialty store.  He always comes back with the best stuff, stuff I would have a hard time spending loads of money on, but stuff that we should all enjoy once in a while as a treat.  So, tonight we are doing a mixed grill with gigantic butterflied grilled shrimp scampi – these babies are huge, a well aged T bone steak (I have never had a truly aged one before), spicy goat sausage, and herbal lamb sausage.  In addition he is still perusing  Jamie’s Cookbook and plans to make an asparagus, mint and lemon risotto.  He is quickly becoming the weekend chef and I don’t know what to do with all of my spare time!  Guess I will go downstairs and pick out a bottle of wine.

Sunday: Hunter’s Feast for lunch

Wild boar burgers (yes, the BF found some at a butcher in AnnArbor) with BBQ sauce (Jack Daniels is my fav – love my whiskey), cheddar, bacon and a grilled onion and some red cabbage green onion slaw. I think some tater tots would go great with this, of course tater tots go well with everything.

Pan Asian for dinner: Crab curry  (once again from Jamie’s book)

Monday: Hungarian

Chicken Paprikash and home made spaetzle with braised red cabbage and apples (Rotkohl). Smoked paprika is out of this world!

Tuesday: American

Slow baked potatoes topped with broccoli and cheese and/or with GF blue cheese and bacon. Green salad on the side.

Wednesday: On the road for a meeting, blah, road food, likely Wendy’s chili, at least they have GF stuff on the menu. The BF will either grill brats (yes, we grill all winter, even in the snow and 5 degrees) or will eat at the brewery in Ann Arbor)

Thursday: Valentine’s Day and ode to Aphrodite

Champagne or a French 75 cocktail, oysters on the half shell with shallot vinaigrette (for me), herbed goat cheese bites wrapped in prosciutto (for him) drizzled with caramelized honey, grilled pork loin rubbed with cocoa and red chile, grilled asparagus, hasselback potatoes, red wine, arugula salad with herbs and olives and for dessert chocolate fondue with fruit and home made shortbread cookies. This menu is designed around foods that are aphrodisiacs and that would be easy to feed to one another (except for the salad – I plan to eat that with my own fork).

Friday: French

Cheese Fondue with sourdough spelt bread (wheat free but not gluten free) and apples for dipping and green salad with Dijon vinaigrette. Served with a nice dry white wine.

This week seems a bit heavy on the starches, esp potatoes, but having grown up on a potato farm, I love my potatoes!

I have to say, since I started participating in the menu swap, it really has saved me lots of time and effort. I know what I need at the beginning of the week for the rest of the week and I spend less time thinking about what to have. If you haven’t tried creating your menu ahead of time yet, give it a try, even if it is for a half a week, you will be surprised at how much time you have left for blog reading! 🙂

Happy eating!

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