Decisions are made by those who show up: Election Week Menu!

In honor of Election week and all the nationalities that make up this nation, I bring you an election week menu with cuisine from around our nation.  I guess that really isn’t any different from what I normally do, is it?

This week’s menu swap host is Angela from Angela’s Kitchen, so pop over to her blog and see the cute Halloween photos and all the great menus.  The ingredient this week is greens.  It must be the Southern in me as I love greens!

Saturday: Country Italian: Pork braised in milk, rosemary and garlic

Sunday: All American: Pheasant and wild mushroom pot pie – my bro and fam are in town and he is whipping this one up, I am typing up my menu plan while he cooks.

Monday: American Italian:  Spaghetti and meat sauce, garlic bread and salad

Tuesday: Hungarian:  Chicken Paprikash (with loads of smoked paprika) with rice or spaetzle if I have time, and a side of collard greens cooked nice and slow with garlic – perfect timing on the ingredient of the week as I need to harvest the collard greens in the garden.

Wednesday: Mexican:  Fish tacos with guacamole and salsa, maybe some refried beans for me too.

Thursday: Chinese: Black and Szechuan pepper chicken with snow peas

Friday:  On the road up North for the weekend to assist in the butchering and packaging of our piggies Parma and Speck (see pics on flickr to the right).

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!  Change is on the way!  Thanks goodness…….!!!!  I will be following all you facebookers and twitterers tomorrow night while the election results roll in.  Eventually I will get the twitter linked to my blog, when my darling tech guy remembers and has time.  Perhaps tomorrow while we wait in line to vote – if they have wifi that is.

i’m out

the farm…chickens again….turkeys and pheasants too

Over Memorial Weekend my favorite boyfriend and I went up North to visit the family and our new pig Pancetta (Pancetta will have her own blog day soon). My bro has recently moved back to the farm and begun adding on to the farm business with his own enterprise Leelanau Farm and Game (I think that is the name). He is raising pheasants, heritage chickens, quail and heritage turkeys. Last year was the experimental year. We got to taste test several of his chickens and pheasants. Yum. He is now raising his own grain and they are organic, free range birds.

My dad has a cherry and apple farm and also grows several other fruits and potatoes for the farmers markets in Leelanau County and Traverse City. He was instrumental in getting farmers markets started in Leelanau several years ago and now gets to rake in the fruit from the harvest, so to speak.

When we arrived my brother and dad were grinding grain in this old fashioned grinder run with a belt on an ancient tractor. Of course neither was wearing a mask and dust from the grain was everywhere. When you don’t have a lot of $$ you bargain search for old farm equipment and when you are a registered mechanic, it is just a task of fixing the machinery up and you are up and running. My brother is the philosopher mechanic fowl farmer.

Growing up we never raised animals, just fruit and potatoes, so there is a learning curve for us all with birds.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

I should probably explain the metro. It is this old delivery van that my brother bought for I think $100. He then cut everything but the frame off and rebuilt the frame with wooden fence walls that can be taken off. My sis in law painted the front of the vehicle. The seat has a handy collapsible feature in case it is raining. The metro really only drives around the farm and to and from my cousin’s strawberry farm. Here it is pictured with a load of cedar posts the my brother and dad harvested from the woods. They will be used for more chicken fencing. I think they should use the metro in the 4th of July parade for the Farm Market float. Leland’s infamous parade is next week.

It is all about sustainability…….

i’m out