Menu of the week May 4th

What’s cooking at the urban farm this week:

Sunday:  Grilled mock porchetta, grilled asparagus (picked that morning), cheesy dill potatoes, smoked purple cabbage slaw


Monday: Shells stuffed with Parmesan, ricotta, spinach and turkey sausage with homemade marinara and mozzarella

Tuesday: Kung Pao with Tofu and  purple cabbage with sambal oelek

Wednesday: Smoked pork and potato soup with marjoram (I smoked the ham hocks myself on Sunday) and chives, lemon kissed sauteed asparagus.

Thursday: Indian shrimp curry using paneer for Eby instead of shrimp, dal and dosa’s.

Friday: Homemade pork tamales with red chile and a cucumber salad and off to Crunchy’s or Reno’s for the birthday man.

pork tamales with red chile and cheese

Saturday:  Some sort of eggplant dish, perhaps Moussaka with grass fed beef or Maqluba or Imam Bayildi

Happy eating!

i’m out

Thanksgiving week Menu Swap: sweet potatoes

heritage turkeys

Sea of Book of Yum is hosting the swap this week and has chosen sweet potatoes as the ingredient.  It took me a long time to realize that sweet potatoes are great.  As a kid they were always coated in marshmallows and brown sugar, not having a sweet tooth and not liking marshmallows much, the dish was never for me.  I really like sweet potatoes in a more savory dish.  Or in sweet potato fries.  Speaking of fries, that reminds me that soon we will start a new post series called Deep Fry Fridays, although I seem to deep fry more on Thursdays for the record.  Friday rhymes better.  Since we celiacs typically can’t eat any deep fried foods in restaurants because of cross contamination, I thought I would push our limits and have a deep fry fest month.  I am thinking January might do.  That gets us safely behind the busy holiday season, albeit everyone seems to diet in January.  Deep frying doesn’t have to be super fattening.  Sauteeing can be just as bad.  So stay tuned for some great ideas to dip into your fryer.  Send your suggestions this way too.  We will do a menu round up and see what is frying around the country.

Saturday: Porchetta, leftover from the freezer, ancho chile, cilantro new potatoes, roasted broccoli

Sunday: Szechuan beef (using our grass fed beef) and broccoli stir fry

Monday:  Pizza!!  I will be trying out Whole Foods 365 GF pizza crust mix.

Tuesday: Chicken ala Veracruzana from one of Rick Bayless’s books, arepas (chicken raised by my brother)

Wednesday:Grilled salmon, ethnicity to be determined, sides to be determined.  Leaving this one up in the air for now.  Maybe an Indian theme.

Thursday:  Thanksgiving!  Our menu this year is mostly based on Gourmet’s Come Together menu, very modern Mexican/New Mexican.

Apps: shrimp cocktail with cilantro and lime, chipotle meatballs, guacamole, chips and fresh salsa using my canned tomatoes and adding fresh cilantro, onion and serranos.

Salad: Clementine Jicama Salad

Main course and sides:mango salsa with pomegranate, spiced roasted sweet potatoes, adobo turkey with red-chile gravy (brined and charcoal grilled), corn-bread and chorizo stuffing, poblano potato gratin, green beans with a brown butter shallot sauce, center cut pork loin with rib on the rotisserie (with my homemade Mexican rub), rice (to go with the gravy),  and cranberry sauce (you have to have it)

Desserts:lattice apple pie with mexican brown sugar (although GF it probably won’t be latticed), chocolate cinnamon cream pie, with Pamela’s chocolate cookies used as the crust vs graham crackers, Haagen Daz Swiss Vanilla Rum ice cream

No, I am not cooking all of it, a good friend of mine and her hubby are bringing the meatballs, the stuffing and apple pie and making them all GF, another set of good friends (my aunt and uncle) are bringing sweet potatoes to roast and cranberries.  Both are bringing lots of wine. Both are coming from far away to join us.

Localvore part: We are using our ground pork in the meatballs, skipping the veal, the heritage turkey raised by my brother, the pork loin that we helped raise and butcher, tomatoes that I raised and canned, apples from the farm, potatoes from the farm and all garlic used is from my brother and sister in law.  The tortilla chips are made localy in Ann Arbor and are addictive. Oh, and our bubbly and several wines are local from LMawby Vineyards and 45, a new winery in Suttons Bay, both with great winemakers.

Friday : Brunch with the house guests: Sausage and Egg Casserole with slow roasted tomatoes and mozzarella (using pomodori al forno tomatoes instead of sundried) – this is naturally GF and I made it years ago and finally found the recipe again, recovery bloody marys, home roasted coffee.

Dinner:  Pork Pozole Party: our good friend Dan is in town (as well as our Thanksgiving guests) and we are hosting a party for him so that he has a chance to see everyone.  Pozole sounded like a tasty crowd pleaser and is comfort food for me when it is cold out and it is already cold cold cold out.  Radishes, shredded cabbage and onion for toppings.  We will use our pork for the pozole and red chiles from NM.  Margaritas will flow.

So, a wonderful week is on it’s way and once again, we have a lot to be thankful for!  Happy Thankgiving to all of you!

pigs and apples Ginger with her sides of porkour thanksgiving turkeyheritage turkeys purple potatoes in the gardenripe ready to can tomatoes garden fingerling potatoes apples apples

i’m out

Menu Swap Monday October 20th: Squash

Squash.  It has such a great sounding name and it can make a nice squish when you eat it.  Food that sounds like it is.  Kim of Gluten Free is Life is hosting this week’s swap.  I do have two pumpkins that I will attempt to carve this week in honor of squash and their lovely seeds.  It is really all about the seeds for me.  I do like butternut squash soup and some nicely roasted acorn squash.  I am squashless at the moment, with the exception of our pumpkins, so those will have to do.  I forgot to check the ingredient before we went grocery shopping yesterday. We have a heavily Italian country oriented menu this week due to Eby picking out some dishes and making his way through some more Italian cook books.  They all sounded good to me too.

Sunday: Hunters stew with rabbit and smashed potatoes.  It took me a while to get over the concept of rabbit, even though most of the world eats them if they have rabbits running around.  It was tasty.  Eby made it, but I had to cut it up for him.  If it hadn’t been for recent work events that gross me out worse, I might not have made it through.

Monday: Pork cutlets with prosciutto, parmeasan and Marsala wine with a pesto risotto

Tuesday: Rice and Cabbage soup with pancetta – the recipe looks better than the title, trust me.

Wednesday: Turkey tenderloins stuffed with spinach or stuffed porchetta style and roasted.

Thursday: On the road and back late: Ragu Bolonese with noodles.  I did a crock pot full of grass fed beef short ribs recently and froze the meat to use in a ragu.  It was already slow cooked so shouldn’t take much time to throw together along with a spinach salad.

Friday:  Chicken ala Diavola with potatoes chianti – this didn’t happen a couple of weeks ago and now we have chicken again from my brother.  Lots of smoked paprika and lemon zest in this dish!

Saturday: Grass fed burgers on the grill, tator tots with salad

Sunday:  Down to Eby’s parents for dinner.  Their first time cooking a gluten free meal and Eby has been coaching them 🙂

i’m out

Menu Swap October 6th: pears and localvore meals

It’s the end of the gardening season here in Michigan.  So I greet you with a parting shot of sunniness in the rain – the last sunflower of the season.  Ah such a bittersweet ending to the summer.  However cool crisp autumnal smells are in the air and if it were not for the loss of gardening, fall would be the best time of the year.  Oh who am I kidding, it is the best time of the year!!

July 08 food and garden 461

This week’s menu swap is hosted by Cheryl over at Gluten Free Goodness and the ingredient is pears.  I love sliced fresh pears on a platter with mixed cheeses and crackers.   I love a nice pear and almond tart.  My brother always whips one up when he visits in the fall.  We have a great pear tree on the farm, Bosc.  I really like the rusty textured skin of a Bosc pear.  Smooth green skinned pears have nothing on a dark green rust spattered fruit.  Russeted, what a great word for it.

Unfortunately, the pears are waiting for me up at the farm and not here in lovely Lansing where Iive.  I have a hard time running out and purchasing fruit, unless desperate, as I am from a fruit farm and most of the fruit that I eat comes from the farm.  With the exception of tropical fruit splurges (including limes, which I can’t live without, for many reasons), I am completely a fruit localvore and specifically a family farm localvore.  We are going up next weekend though and I will bring some back, along with honey crisp apples.

This week on our menu we will be eating:

Russian banana fingerling potatoes purple potatoes in the garden

Zoe in the fennel

Pork porchetta style, with rosemary, garlic, sage and fennel, slow roasted over fennel fronds and leeks with chive, roasted garlic smashed potatoes.  Everything in this dish is local (even the butter in the potatoes) except the salt and pepper and pork – but we will soon have a new piggie in the freezer.

Poblano en arroz con carne y queso – one of my favorite comfort foods – inside out Mexican stuffed poblano peppers.  We will be using some local grass feed beef in this dish as well as the poblanos that I harvested from the garden before the freeze last weekend.  You can probably tell from the name of this one (that I made up) that I could use another Spanish lesson!

Chicken alla Diavola with grilled potatoes in Chianti vinegar from Mario Batali’s book (libraries are great!).

Hoisin scallion fried rice with tofu based on a recipe from Lynn Rosetto Casper’s book How to Eat.

Scandinavian spiced meatballs with buttered leeks with tarragon. Once again, the beef, leeks, butter and tarragon are all local. This became Swedish meatballs(with nutmeg and allspice) with creme fraiche and green onion dill  Reibekuchen with green beans. Thanks to the spice trade 400 years ago, what was only available in Indonesia, is now available to spice my dinner.  I draw the line at only using local herbs and spices.  We do have a local Penzeys (does that count) an hour away.

It is a shorter menu this week as on Friday we are heading up to Leelanau for the weekend and will be bringing our year’s supply of free range, organic chicken back with us.  Well, it is probably a 6 month supply. My brother put our order in the last batch of chickens raised this summer and we have been waiting a long time for some local chicken.

Oh yeah and we are buying our own steer along with my brother and sister in law, so for the next year, we are learning (from a distance) how to raise Scottish Highlander cattle.  And then we will eat them.  But not until they are all grown up on grass, which takes longer than feeding them on corn, which their systems can’t handle.  Four years ago if you would have asked me if I would ever raise animals outside of pets, I would have said no way.  We have plans to put in a chicken coop for 6 egg layers or so this fall/winter and fill it with chickens in the spring.   Urban farming in the backyard.

Ok, time to go cook dinner!

i’m out

Menu of the week September 15th – Plantains!

I can happily say, I am porked out.  We co hosted a going away party for a friend who is moving to Virginia and I made porchetta.  That’s right, porchetta, one of the most delicious pork items on earth.  I didn’t have a deboned suckling pig handy, so I asked my butcher to debone two fresh picnic hams with the skin on for me.  The porchetta deserves a post all on it’s own, so expect that soon and hold me to it.  Two 10 pound legs.  I figured I was cooking for 45 and there was going to be pulled pork too.  One porchetta would have been just fine as it turns out.  The other one is now comfortably in our freezer awaiting a special event or a need to make about 40 pork sandwiches (thank goodness we bought a slicer last winter).  At any rate, I could go on, but I did promise a solo post didn’t I?

This week’s key ingredient is plantains.    Manda of Asparagus Thin is hosting and always has a nice international menu that is loaded with Indian and Cajun dishes – two of my favorites.  Since I am on the road for most of the week and have already done the early week shopping, I don’t think I will be able to fit plantains into the menu mix, but I do love them and look forward to seeing everyone else’s recipes and menus.

Sunday:  Mexican – the Michigan weather is rain, rain, rain for 3 days straight and we want a hearty soup because fall is definitely here, along with Ike:

Albondigas Soup by Elise at Simply Recipes, one of my favorite blogs.

Monday: Mexican again: Chicken Flautas (didn’t have time or desire last week, I was too tired from traveling) with chipotle crema and fresh salsa

Tuesday: Beer club Brat Fest, bring a dish to pass featuring broccoli ( I have loads of it at the moment) or if I skip it (because I still need to pack for 5 days away), spaghetti and meatballs (from the pantry and freezer)

Wednesday – Friday morning:  On the road for work for the next two days to Marquette MI on Lake Superior, then off to a family cottage on Lake Michigan for a relaxing weekend of beach time in the upper peninsula.

Friday:  Cooking at the cottage : Basque: Potato, kale and chorizo stew, roasted broccoli with garlic

Saturday: Cooking at the cottage

Lunch: cheese, barrel aged pickles and salami platter with GF crackers and apples on the beach

Dinner: Fresh local fish (whitefish) on the grill, farm market findings for a side dish (I will bring fresh herbs with me from the garden)

Sunday: Cooking at the cottage

Brunch: Alsatian bacon and onion tart, fresh roasted coffee – or go out to eat along Highway 2

Dinner:  home again, something quick and easy – maybe burgers and tater tots with a salad

For the workshops that I will be holding, I was able at least to order GF meals for my lunches.  One advantage of being in charge.  We have workshops on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, then it is fun time.  Three workshops in three locations with 6 different speakers.  It is a lot of work to pull that together with zero funding and I will be ready for a break.

i’m out