Menu Swap of the Week: Sides and Salads

Hosting this week’s menu swap is Wendy of Celiac in the House and she has picked favorite sides and salads as this week’s theme. I think we can work many of those in this week.  As I was typing this earlier, I hit save draft and went to go look up something.  When I came back to the page two minutes later, Word Press was asking for my password and hadn’t saved my post, even though I can see it saving it below every 2 minutes as I type.  I am sure this has happened to all of us, but it sorta takes the wind out of your blogging sails doesn’t it.  Trying to recreate the genius you had already typed below is impossible.  Easy to call it genius as it is gone now! So, lesson learned.  Always log into the dashboard, even if it doesn’t ask me to.  Enough griping and back to food.

Make sure you swing over to Wendy’s blog to see what all the other great GF cooks around the country are planning this week!

Sunday:  Steak and brats (steak for me, brats for Eby), grilled asparagus and some killer potato skins with bacon, cheese and chive sour cream.

Monday: Stuffed poblano peppers, inside out.  Instead of stuffing them, I roast them and chop them up and mix them with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, ground beef with Mexican seasoning, rice and cheese and then bake yourself into comfort food. A rice casserole with loads of my favorite veggies.

Tuesday:  Fish and chips and slaw!  Fish will be coated with an herby bread crumb mix and baked, fries will be cut with our new industrial strength french fry cutter that should arrive tomorrow and the slaw will have a lime and olive oil dressing with cilantro and green onions.  I really dislike mayo based sweet slaws, but love crunchy cabbage lightly dressed with tartness.

Wednesday: Caesar salad with a grilled chicken breast.  One of our favorite salads and if it weren’t for this week’s theme, we probably wouldn’t have thought of it.  This is the best way to enjoy romaine lettuce, I am convinced of it!

Thursday: I am having a hard time deciding what to cook on Thursday, so for now we are going with pasta carbonara with bacon and asparagus and a spinach salad with hot bacon dressing.  Maybe we will just do the spinach salad.  I am leaving myself some leg room on this one.

Friday:  Turkish Doner Kabobs (made with pork) with sides of tatziki, lightly marinated cabbage, pickled red onions and maybe I will make some flatbread or pita to go with it.  Of course we need a feta cucumber salad with this too and who knows, maybe some homemade baba ganoush if I find the time. Sumac is the key to great Turkish seasoning, and oregano.

Baked good:  Lemon bars, I have to have them around Easter now, so time to bake some!

May spring be on it’s way to you!

i’m out

Menu of the week: Tomatoes!

I consider tomatoes a staple food, regardless that my BF claims they can’t be a staple. My tomato plants aren’t even blooming yet, but at least are planted (30 of them), so we will be using home canned tomatoes this week. I can’t wait for Caprese – tomato mozzarella basil salad as soon as my tomatoes are ripe!

This week’s menu swap is hosted by Esther of The Lilac Kitchen. Make sure to visit and see what’s on the table this week that features tomatoes. My menu is a little late as I only returned from our weekend last night.

Monday: Indian

Butter chicken with yogurt instead of cream and butter (uses lots of tomatoes) , Saag Paneer, brown basmati turned yellow with turmeric and papads for crunch.

Tuesday: Thai

Spicy pad ped with pork and zucchini or green eggplants – whichever the Asian market has, with rice and spring rolls

Wednesday: Italian

Lasagna bolognese and green salad


Pho ga (chicken) with Goi Ga spicy salad if I can figure out a recipe similar to what I had in Chicago once. All those links combined will do the trick I hope. Cabbage, carrots, lime, fish sauce, basil and mint. Sounds good to me!

Friday: Latin American

Red snapper Veracruzana style (Mexican with tomato, olives peppers and capers) and arepas (Venezuelan)

Saturday: Mid Eastern/Turkish

Grass fed beef kabobs. The rest I need to think on. Perhaps a veggie Turkish pide as an appetizer.

Sunday:  Taqueria – out to dinner with friends at the local taqueria which is very authentic – no tex mex here!

Menu of the Week: Avocados

Green butter, that’s what they are, avocados. When I was traveling on a budget through Ecuador, we ate them daily. We spread them on bread. When I am in Mexico, not a day goes by with out some avocado consumption. So this week I will be happy to utilize them in a couple of dishes, yes, very happy.

I have 3 avocado plants growing in my house from pits that I planted long ago. No sign of an avocado growing yet, but they are nice plants. I have this week off to use up some comp time and clean the house, experiment with cooking, blog, garden and so on. I plan to experiment a bit with my lunches and am not sure what I will be doing yet, but I have a whole week to cook, so expect some perfecting of dosa’s, injera if I can find light teff flour and maybe some GF potsticker’s and who knows what else.

This week’s menu swap is hosted by Cooking and Uncooking so visit her site and check out all the menus everyone is cooking.

Sunday: Brunch: Sindu’s for the Indian buffet – more chaat and dosas!

Dinner: Mac and cheese with a green salad full of garden herbs. I finally made perfect mac and cheese, no need to improve upon this recipe ever. Luckily I wrote it down. I think it has 4 cheeses in it. I made a batch a while back and froze 1/2 of it unbaked in a casserole dish. Saucy and cheesy with a nice cheesy crust. I will post this one.

Monday: Korean – out to dinner Champung: A spicy seafood soup, mine will be with rice noodles. A friend of a friend cooks at one of our local Korean restaurants on Monday nights and we are finally going in when he is working. He can specialize my soup, kick it up and make sure that it is gluten free. I just have to bring my own GF oyster sauce.

Tuesday: Beer club (well, cider for me) Our host makes veggie sloppy joes with soy and they are gluten free. Bonfire on the lake. Perhaps I will bake some GF cookies to bring along.

Wednesday: Lunch: Subject to change but for now a green salad with avocado (I need a couple of days for my avocado to ripen), dried cherries and smoked turkey. Or I might try making an avocado dressing with lime.

Dinner: Turkish : Turkish pide – well I hope. Pide is sort of like a pita/calzone of the Turkish variety. Turkish style salad and yogurt sauce to accompany. I think I might try Gluten Free Gobsmacked’s Lavash style bread for this.

Edited to change to Mexican Guacamole, carnitas, Slaw, salsa, beans and rice. I love carnitas! I will be making this with our own home grown pig share pork – from Pancetta – that was her name.


Thursday: We are hitting the road one day early now, so I am making GF Gobsmacked wraps with turkey, provolone and avocado for the road along with some hummus and carrots. Then off to Leelanau county for Memorial Weekend. I can’t wait to get to the farm, see my niece and nephew, the rest of the friends and family and this year’s batch of chickens and pheasants. Of course I will go morel hunting and harvest a boatload of wild leeks.

Friday: Dinner with friends in someone’s backyard.

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Menu of the week or at least mid week

It’s about time I started doing this, so here is my first shot at it:

Monday: Turkish pide with meat and mozzarella (kind of like a folded up pizza with pita dough). We were in Chicago last weekend and my BF ordered this at a wonderful Turkish restaurant called Cousins. It looked soooo good and he raved about it so much that I attempted to copy it with a spelt crust. I made a great Turkish chopped salad with tomato, onion, parsley, mint, feta and olives (key ingredient is sumac for tang) and made some tzatziki or yogurt dipping sauce which I completely forgot to serve. End result: terrific, just add twice as much mozzarella next time.

Tues: Went out for drinks (margaritas) with the girls and ate chips and salsa with bean dip for dinner at La Senorita’s (a MI chain with no cross contamination of tortilla chips). Later that eve: Sourdough spelt loaf: I made this as I am in the mood for fondue and since I am GF, I must plan ahead for cravings and need a loaf of crusty deliciousness on hand. We have a new foodsaver vacuum sealer and this bread will be it’s first victim.

Wednesday : Cajun red snapper with bacon cheddar grits and roasted red pepper coulis – I made this with out the shrimp so that my boyfriend would eat it. Pretty good – I used corn meal instead of polenta and won’t make that mushy mistake again, ever.

Thursday: Cheesy potato soup with ham and pimentos. Pimentos you say…well I haven’t had this in years (perhaps 20), but my mom always added pimentos to her potato soup and I am in the mood for it today. We will be butchering our pig pancetta (ok we pack the cut up meat, we are spared the ending of her life) this weekend and I don’t really like ham, but this summer there was a nice smoked picnic ham with bone on super duper sale, so we bought it. Really, neither of us like ham that much, so I don’t know what possessed us. At any rate, with a 1/2 a pig on the way, I thought it would be ridiculous to have that in the freezer, so I thawed it, roasted it, took the meat off the bones and then cooked the bones and scraps down to make a nice broth.

Lunch today: Black bean soup with ham cooked in ham broth with roasted green chiles, the last not so ripe garden tomato and onions and garlic with lots of cumin and red chili. It smells great and needs about one more hour to cook, guess I missed the lunch mark on that one.

Friday: Hum, need some greens for this one. Ah, Creamed spinach – I need to test my recipe for this again prior to the big Thanksgiving day, the high holy day for cooks everywhere. I think I will pare it with some chicken marsala Elise style as we have some pancetta in the fridge. Ok, that is two creamed dishes, that won’t work. Scratch creamed spinach, substitute wilted swiss chard (still in the garden) sauteed with garlic and red pepper flakes.

Saturday: Will be up North traveling (likely this will include some of my brother’s free range chicken)

Sunday: Will be up North traveling and packing up a whole pig (splitting it with my bro and sis in law).

I know this will gross many of you out, but I was thinking of making some lard with the pork fat. I would only use it in tamales, but it would be great to have some, minus the cholesterol and fat. Do pigs have omega 3’s?

Time to stir my black beans (local from a friend that raises dry beans). A Pancetta blog next of my last visit to feed her garden tomatoes. Next menu posting I will try to just post the menu, no story line attached. I have to work up to this you know.

i’m out