Menu of the week Feb 4th and cocktail of the week: Chai-tini!

I have jury duty this week, so since I my schedule is not in my control, I am going for more simplified meals, unless I get home early (I work out of my house when not on the road) then I might just change it up a bit. This week’s menu swap is hosted by Sally over at Aprovechar. Sally has successfully been dieting on top of a GF diet and has proudly lost 20 pounds. I should follow her example!

Cocktail of the week: I still have to come up with this, ideas anyone?  Chaitini it is!  See the lastest post for recipe and photo.

Added note: my darling BF brought home one of Jamie Oliver’s cook books from the library last night, so this menu is subject to change should he decide to create a Jamie dish, all of which look fabulous!

Monday: Southwest

Green chile stew with pork (ours), roasted green chiles and tomatoes from the garden and potatoes (still eating potatoes from the farm up North) (got home early so I have more time to cook)

are you going to gemmi that tomato? Green chile roast ripe ready to can tomatoes

Tuesday: All American

Homemade mac and cheese with a nice green salad (and I don’t have to go in for Jury duty! yea!)

Wednesday: Pacific NW

Wild Pacific Silverbell (I think, it came from Trader Joe’s) Salmon poached in wine with a light tarragon cream sauce, wild rice and broccoli rabe sauteed with garlic and maybe sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts or something North Westy like that.

Thursday: Rome around Tuscany (did you get the pun??)

Eggplant/chicken Parmesan (eggplant for me, chicken for my poultry craving bf)

Friday: A trip to Thailand

Pad Thai with tofu or Lard Nah with crispy tofu and asian greens (Friday is a long way off) and fried spring rolls made with rice wrappers. Maybe some hot and sour soup to go with it.

i’m out

Ah…those little moments and some delish grilling

I know all three of my readers (if there are more, please feel free to comment for no reason at all!) are wondering why I haven’t been posting photos and blogging more often. I am sure I mentioned in an earlier post that we are putting my house on the market and we finally have. The sign is in the front yard and the house is looking spiffy. However, just because I don’t blog does not mean for a second that I don’t cook. I cook everyday (with the exception of the three days the kitchen cupboards were being painted) and I take photos most days. They are all on I just haven’t had/taken the time to write up some bloggity and cut and paste photos.

But first, before I do that, a little gushing moment. My significant other (boyfriend seems too trite, we are buying a house together after all) works in Ann Arbor now. This means he commutes an hour a day one way, plus a little bus time. One bonus to this is, he parks his car just a couple of miles from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Yesterday afternoon he asked if we needed anything from either store. Well, I had just driven though A2 for work last Friday (visiting a hog farm that had a complaint filed against it – a little idea as to what my day to day job can entail there). It had been a while since I had visited TJ’s, so I went there and stocked up. They have GF waffles and pancakes in their freezer by the way, and since I had to throw my Belgian waffle maker out for fear of it burning down the house, this is convenient, esp when I have house guests over because I don’t cook a lot of breakfast foods. But I digress. I was there on Friday, yet forgot to get the all so important mint shampoo we use from Whole Foods, so I said, we are low on shampoo and shower gel. Some how I have three giant bottles of conditioner. Therefore he made a trip over there after work.

I started cooking up some saag paneer, beef korma and aloo bhaji soup for dinner, because when I am in the mood for Indian, I want a variety, and always have to make one veg, one meat and one soup. So far, it seems that they don’t really combine veggies with meat in one dish, they are always separate – garlic, onion and tomatoes don’t count as veggies, those are seasonings. I have been studying Indian cuisine lately, as you probably could tell.

In walks my wonderful guy with two big brown bags from Whole Foods. He starts pulling items out and it is like Christmas to me. This guy knows how to get me. He unloads a pack of garlic and herb marinated lamb kabobs, chipotle marinated skirt steak kabobs, an herbed goat cheese, a rogue blue cheese that used penicillin vs bread mold to inoculate the culture, a new variety of frozen GF pizza crusts to try, a new variety of Gluten Free dark beer from England, and a Michigan made hard cider. I melted. Who wouldn’t? I looked at him and said, your bill was over $100 wasn’t it? He replied yep! We started laughing as we can’t seem to go to Whole Foods with out spending the paycheck. I should mention that he picked up several specialty beers for himself. And he remembered to get shampoo.

Ok, now for some cooking. I recently took the challenge given to me by a friend when I said I had too many cucumbers and they send me a recipe for barrel fermenting my pickles. I now have a 2 gallon container sitting on my counter for 4-6 weeks fermenting. It is actively fermenting, it sounds just like beer and has gone all cloudy. Very cool. We found these fermented pickles in the local grocery store next to the eggs and are trying to duplicate them. I hope it works!

We have been grilling a lot lately to keep the heat out of the kitchen. Grilled peaches with honey, black pepper and a creamy blue brie-ish cheese. Grillled asparagus and grilled polenta. Grilled corn and grilled salmon with a yummy garlicky glaze.

grilled peaches with blue cheese, honey and black pepper
grilled asparagus and grilled polenta
grilled filet of salmon with tacoma glaze

No recipes this go around, just yummy photos.

i’m out