Knees Bees Honey GF Ale

I am so excited that I just have to make a quick post and I also resolve to actually write some real posts, not just my menus, in the near future.  I certainly have lots to post on, but where does the time go?

For the moment I am eagerly anticipating delivery of my first growler of gluten free ale!  I found out a while ago that Old Hat Brewery in Lawton MI always has a GF beer on tap.  One of their patrons has Celiac.  Somehow Lawton is in a location of the state that I rarely every travel too, but one of my friends has to go there more frequently to check tart cherry traps (looking for plum curcuilio ) as part of a rigorous IPM program.  Today, on a Saturday, when the pub opens at 11 instead of at 4 as they do during the week, he must travel there for work.

Happy ale coming my way.  I have only had the GF lagers, New Grist, Bard’s tale and Redbridge, for the most part.  I am not a fan of sorghum lagers, I would rather drink vodka (well, you all know I love vodka anyway).  An ale, however is a different beer making method that results in a very different body and flavor.  I can’t wait and just wanted to share my excitement with you.  I will report back on it later this evening or tomorrow.  I am changing today’s menu as we are running to the farmer’s market in Okemos and I hope to find some baby veggies since my garden is producing mostly greens from the broccoli family right now.  Strawberries are just coming into season here this week – those are on the list too.  I am craving a nice grilled steak and grilled baby veggies (thanks to opening this month’s Bon Appetit before eating lunch or breakfast).  So, the pork ribs will have to wait, but we are picking up the smoker today.  Big juicy grass fed beef steak, grilled veggies (I like their grilled slaw idea a lot) and cold microbrewed GF ale!

Summer is here!!

i’m out

Menu of the week, hopefully and beer is brewing!

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Rosemary

This week’s menu swap is hosted by Ginger Lemon Girl!

Once again I am attempting to get organized.

1. It makes it a lot easier to plan ahead and not spend a lot of time every afternoon thinking about what to cook that eve.

2. It saves on trips to the grocery store.

3. I have a freezer full of grass fed, organic beef and pork and that implies it is frozen. So, when thinking of what to make, if something is not thawed and it never is until I think of what I want to make, that idea gets shoved aside for something un frozen.

So, getting a menu together means I can take stuff out to thaw in an appropriate time frame.

Monday (today and since it is 5:30, I had better get cooking)

Indian: Pork vindaloo, saag aloo, paneer paratha and of course some rice and raita with that.

paratha with paneer making paratha making paratha


Greek: Homemade pitas and homemade gyro meat (with fresh rosemary, oregano, thyme and garlic) cooked on a rotisserie with shredded cabbage, sliced onions, tatziki and dolmades (dolmades made by WholeFoods)

red cabbage and red onion and sumac for turkish style gyros gyro lamb on the grill gyros slightly fuzzy gyros spelt pita


Grilled salmon with a mustard dill glaze, sauteed kale and grilled polenta


On the road will be stopping by Whole Foods for some GF sushi (it is great road food! ) and I keep a bottle of GF tamari in the car.


Chicken, style yet undetermined. We have three organic free range chickens in our freezer and must grill them at some point. Maybe it will get the Mexi rub, or roasted with chestnuts or blackened seasoning, herbs (Rosemary), garlic and lemon? Send your votes in and come and join us for dinner as I don’t like leftover chicken. We ended up with Coq au Vin and rosemary roasted potatoes and it was perfect for a very cold wintery night. This pic does not do it justice, but here goes (yes, please ignore the oven that really needs cleaning):

coq au vin roasted potatoes

ok, time to get working on my paneer paratha (1st attempt ever!)

One more thing, we brewed some spelt beer (all grain of course) this weekend and it smells so great! I named it Tolerant IPA after gluten intolerance and MLK day (different kind of tolerance). It is fermenting away in the dining room and things seem so quiet around here without the squirrels.

i’m out